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All my old apps for Nokia platforms can now be found from Opera AppStore

The Ovi store closed down more than a month ago. I migrated to the opera appstore, and updated the link to poin to the Opera store instead of Ovi.

Anyway, Here’s the new Badges for my apps

AntSnes for Symbian:
Opera Mobile Store

MeBoy Lite for S40:
Opera Mobile Store

jmIRC for Nokia Asha

jmIRC is a IRC client for Nokia Asha phones. The jmIRC was originally developed for j2ME by: Juho Vähä-Herttua, and it was ported to Asha by me. I just tuned some menus a bit, and added support for flick gestures.

You can download the jmIRC from opera appstore:
Opera Mobile Store

The source code can be found from github:

QrScanner for Nokia Asha

QrScan is a QrScanner application for Nokia Asha phones phones. The cameras in current Asha phones are not good enough to read qr-codes from magazines etc.  However you can scan bigger Qr codes with those phones really well.

Download it from Opera Appstore:

Opera Mobile Store

Source code:

As usual you can grab the source code from my github-repository at:

MeBoy 1.0, a GameBoy / GameBoy Color emulator for Nokia Asha

MeBoy is a gameboy / gameboy color emulator for Nokia S40 full touch and Asha phones. The MeBoy is based on JavaBoy developed by Neil Millstone. I just made a simple UI for it for the Nokia Asha phones. It has been a quite some time from my previous emulator port for mobile phones, and I kind of got bored doing them. However hacking with Nokia Asha got me started with this kind of projects again, and it was fun ;-)

Currently the games with battery saves are not working, but I’m trying to fix it. I’m recommending simple games from the beginning of the GameBoy era such as Super Mario 1, Duck Tales etc.

MeBoy running on S40 full touch:


As said, currently only simple games without battery saves are supported. You can find & edit the compatibility chart at MeBoy wiki-page at:

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Bubblet a Jawbreaker Clone For S40 Full Touch and Nokia Asha

Bubblet is a jawbreaker clone for Nokia S40 FullTouch and Asha phones. Bubblet was originally developed by: Juan Antonio Agudo for phones with keyboards and small screens. I just modernized the application for new Asha phones with touch controls.

Bubblet running on S40 full touch:


You can download the Bubblet from Opera App store:

Opera Mobile Store

Source code

Bubblet is Lincesed GNU General Public License version 2, and the source can be found from GitHub: