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Realtime clock data from Alge-timing system

I made all of this stuff into the Finice 2019 ice climbing competition (  The idea is to send the clock timing events into web, so we could use them in the results-office, or we could insert the clock into the video stream during the competition. There’s always some delay in the video stream, so we need a way to add custom delay into the clock. The data is good, but we have to remember to add some delay so the clock and video will be on sync. It would look stupid if the climber get to the top, and the clock has already stopped a few seconds ago.

Here’s a short video about how all of it works:

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DynDns Autologin Application for Google AppEngine

DynDns recently changed their service so you’ll have to log in once in every 30 days to keep your account active. As it happens I also have had the DynDns package for years, and the new login requirement really bugs me.

So I developed this simple autologin application for Google’s Appengine to keep my account active. You can download the dyndns autologin app from my GitHub repository at:

Please notice that this probably violates the DynDns ToS, so you might get your account banned. I will not take the responsibility for that.


  • Change the application in app.yaml into your own app-id
  • Change username and password into the Settings class in file
  • the script automatically executes every Monday