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JamendoFM is now featured at Firefox Marketplace

JamendoFM is now on the list of featured music apps at Firefox Marketplace. It’s really nice to see that at least I had some success with this app, after porting it to Tizen, FirefoxOS and Android.

You can download the JamendoFM for

..maybe I could do one more client for Samsung smart tvs.


JamendoFM available for Android and FirefoxOS

JamendoFM is now available for Android and Tizen OS.

JamendoFM in Google Play

First I must warn you that JamendoFM is worst kind of Android application. It basically shows all the problems with html5 applications for mobile. It’s slow, and the playback will cut off when the lockscrene activates. I don’t think that there’s a solution for these issues For Android in Phonegap (there are some options for iPhone, but not for Android)

You can download JamendoFM from Google Play at:

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