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AntSnes video

Here’s a short youtube video of AntSnes running on my N8.

Get  AntSnes 0.8.1 now :-)

EQ is making progress with PSX4ALL

My friend EQ has taken my psx4all dynarec port source, and after that he has added Opengl ES 1.1 support, and fixed few bugs.

He is using N95, which has hardware Opengl ES 1.1 support. I think that it’s running quite well already. Very good job EQ!

PSX4All proof of concept now running on Nokia N97

I just took the psx4all stuff from S60 3rd edition port and put that running on my N97 with my Qt stuff, which I have previously used for AntSnes and gpsp4Symbian.

It’s really slow as I expected, but I think that it was worth of couple of hours work. Now I have pretty nice benchmarking SW for the N8 ;-)

Here’s the psx4all running Final Fantasy VII on my old N97.  The video runs in 4x speed after I click the new game button. Notice how well the 320×240 original psx resolution scales up to the N97’s 640×360.

Update: I’ll probably abandon this work in favor for a new psx-dynarec emu called pcsx4all.  It seems to be a lot better than psx4all. See this forum thread for more info

gpsp running on Symbian

I have the gpsp port already running on my N97, and it looks really promising. Take a look at the video :)

The dynarec isn’t stable yet. I can run one track with mario kart, and then it freezes.  It’s same with all other games too. I hope to solve this freeze/crash issue soon, so I can make the release.

Running the AntSnesQt

I have been working with the new Qt UI that I’m going to use with my all emus in the future. The AntSnes Qt is quite close to be ready for first beta release, and the gpsp emu is on pretty good shape too. Here’s a short video of the new AntSnesQt running on my N97.

You can read my AntSnes qt development posts at