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Lumia 800 is in da house

After feb11 when Nokia killed both Symbian and Meego I have been thinking what should be my next platform. I have been casual Android user, and I have to admit that I don’t like it much, plus it already has all of my favorite emulators ported into it, so I couldn’t figure out anything that I would want to develop for it( it kind of already has everything already).

Today I got the Lumia 800 from nokia launchpad, and I have to admit that I really like the device a lot. All the basic apps are scrolling at 60fps, and I can acess facebook and twitter really well. However it does not yet have any cool app, sucs as emulator on it (yet), so it’s an interesting platform.

In spec vise the Lumia seems also pretty nice device. It has Qualcom’s MSM8255 -SOC, which contains  1,4 Ghz AMR Cortex A-8 processor and Adreno 205 GPU, which is plenty for games and emulators.

my new Lumia 800

Emulators on wp7

The problem is that currently the wp7 doesn’t support native code for 3rd parties, so you’re stuck with the C#. Luckily there’s also some progress even on that area, as we can see on the XDA-developers forum: You’re also going to have to jailbreak you phone with some jaibreak. The most recent jailbreak project is WindowBreak

What’s next

I’ll also start hacking with the wp7, and see what I can do with it :-)

Powerful S60 phones and Maemo tablet coming to markets this year

The new Samsung i8910 is coming to stores at summer.  You can see a review at allaboutsymbian. Samsung i8910 will be S60 5.0 based device with capacitive touch screen and OMAP3 chipset. The OMAP3 chipset is very powerful platform with OpenGL ES 2.0 and ARM cortex processor. It will probably be a lot faster than iphone. Also a new Maemo device with OMAP3 is coming, take a look at Maemo roadmap.

Long waited Nokia N97 is also coming to markets at summer, but there is no information about the CPU inside the phone. Nokia 5630 XM will have 600MHz ARM processor, so that’s also very interesting release. Unfortunately the 5630 has a small screen, so I’m really not eager to buy it. I really hope that the Nokia N97 has better processor than 5800 xpress music, so I could run AntSnes with better performance. The Nokia N97 style full qwerty keypad + OMAP3 platform would be the dream phone for gaming and emulation. The touch screen( even capacitive) isn’t so well suited for emulators, since the player want’s to use more than 1, or 2 (with capasite touch) buttons at same time.

Update: The Nokia N97 will have ARM11 with only 437Mhz clock rate. There is also no sign about Opengl ES accelerated 3D graphics. I think that it should be in the speks close to the processor like it was for example with N95. I’m so disappointed. The N97 will be dissapointment for all gamers. It just doesn’t have the juice that phones should have at year 2009. How long we’ll have to wait for 5th edition device with keyboard, fast processor and 3d acceleration. Now the Samsung’s i8910 looks a lot more appealing. I hope that the prize will go down fast.

Update: Nokia has also announced Nokia E52, which is a S60 3.2 phone with 600MHz ARM11 processor. The E52 will also be quite cheap, around 245 euros in Europe. It’s kind of hard to decide which phone to buy next, when there are cheap and powerfull phones with old S60 3.2 and weaker phones with new S60 5.x wiht homescreen etc.

I think that the new Samsung i8910 could emulate even ps1 pretty well. See what ZodTTD did with Pandora, which is also OMAP3 based device. ZodTTD already ported the psx4all to the iphone, and I think it could probably be ported to Opengl ES 2.0 enabled S60 device, like Samsung i8910. The psx4all would be very interesting project to port, when new phones arrive.

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Welcome to my blog

Hi there, I finaly got my blog up and running. Currently I’m planning to release Snes9x port on N95. I have the source code from notaz UIQ version and I’m using that as baseline.

At first I thought that I only need to port everything into EKA2 model plus write my own launcher for the emulator. Currently it seems, that there is a lot more work to be done. The audio and video renderers must be rewritten for N95.

I also encounttered some nasty problems during porting the assembly code into the N95. I thought that the ARM11 in N95 would run that code without problems, but I keep encouttering these “Signal Exception 0 received: A data abort exception has occurred ” errors after a while.

Therefore I did what I had to: I backported the original C-core instead of the ASM-core. Currently I should be able to run the emulator and worry only about the rendering (sound and video) part.