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Why is my GPU freezing

I bought a new gpu, AMD’s r9 290x. I was a bit surprised after first day since it seemed to be freezing some times. It could run just perfectly for few hours and then *boom*, it freezes. I googled the issue a bit and the most common explanations were Power issues and driver problems. I borrowed a new PSU from a friend, and it was still freezing. Reinstalled the drivers couple of times etc.

After couple of days I was certain that I had a broken GPU. I was also thinking that I have return it and get a new one from the warranty. However leaving an odd error description like “freezes after few hours” might just do nothing, since the maintenance clerk can always say “it works fine in here”.

I decided that I have to know what’s wrong with the GPU, so I can easily prove that the GPU is broken. I would need something like memtest86 for GPUs. MemtestCL does just that. I just download MemtestCL, and I got memory errors from my GPU. This could have saved so many hours of meaningless debugging! I also left a warranty claim that the memory is broken and you can easily see it by yourself with memtestCL. I got a new GPU the following day!

Note to self; If I ever have freezing problems with GPU, see if the memory is working with MemtestCL.

Oh, And remember to use the most current version of MemtestCL found from github:

Samsung SmartTV and 802.11n

I just bough a new Samsung SmartTV (model UE46F6400). I just spent few hours just to configure the Wlan connection on it correctly. The TV can connect into the WLAN, but it disconnects after about 30 seconds, and then you’ll have to re-enter the password etc. to get it connected again for about 30 seconds, before it disconnects again.

I used the Ethernet connection to update the device firmware, but it did not help. I got multiple hits just by Googling the issue about Samsung SmartTVs that are disconnecting from the network. One blogger seemed to have similar problem as did I: However setting the WPA2 down to the WPA also downgrades the wifi n spec into lower bandwidth.  I even tested this with my Cisco Liksys E4500 with both 5Ghz antenna, and 2.4Ghz antenna. The Samsung TV actually can use the WPA2, if the network connection has been set into lower speed.

Here’s what I got working;

  • 5Ghz, Wifi A-connection, not mixed, or N
  • 2.4Ghz, B/G Connection, not mixed, or N

After that I had debugged the working Wifi settings I took a quick look at the manual. It says that Samsung recommends 802.11n, and soon after that it says that it doesn’t work correctly with GreenField mode. Yes, I can verify! it does not work. WTF Samsung!

The thing that troubles me is that the crappy Samsung TV software can not filter the Wlan hotspots that it can not support properly. It’s really frustrating to connect into these networks just to get disconnected after about 30 seconds. I would also like to know why does Samsung recommend using 802.11n in the user manual, while it does not support the specification properly. I bet that the average TV user does not know the difference between 802.11n legacy mode, and the GreenField mode.

Pokemon Platinum On gpSP

You’ll need Platinum ROM (GBA Converted) and VBA (Visual boy advance for windows) for this hack

Here’s short description how to do it:

Step 1 : Drag the Pokemon Platinum game ROM, To VBA (visualboy advanced)
the emulator should open starting the game

Step 2 : Click Options on the top left corner, hover you’re mouse over emulator, then save type it normal will be on Flask 64K Change it, click on Flask 128K

Step 3 : Start playing the game (Z = A//X=B Space speeds up the game) make your character name and go all the way until where you wake up from your dream. once your inside your room in the game press Enter and go down to Save and press Z and save the game.
When you do this, the saved file should appear on your desktop named “Pokemon platinum GBA version.sav”

Step 4 : Tranfer the VBA bios file to phone (and set it later at gpsp file settings)

Step 5 : Transfer the Save file to your ROM folder with the same name as the ROM into your phone. For example if the game is named as “Pokemon_platinum.gba”, then save the save file as “Pokemon_platinum.sav”

Open gpsp4Symbian, set the new bios and play Pokemon Platinum 
(PS. You cant make a new game, just press continue you can make multiple save files, you won’t ever need to make a new game because you didn’t even start )

Thanks for Mshadowzzz at

Playing NES ROMs with gpSP

Playing NES ROMs with gpSP

You can play some NES games with gpsp with the help of the PocketNES. You can convert the NES ROMs into GBA ROMs with following process.

  1. Download the PocketNes MenuMaker and PocketNES.gba files into your pc.
  2. Set the PocketNES.GBA file in the MenuMaker settings
  3. use the MenuMaker to pach a NES ROM into GBA ROM.

I tested this only with few games, and I know that it works at least on some level with some ROMs. No guarantees ;-)

Please do not add NES games to the gpsp compatibility list. It’s primary a GBA emulator after all.

Patching ROMs for gpSP

Patching unworking ROMs for gpSP

You can get at least Super Mario Advance 4 and  Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (crashes often if you don’t mute the sound) are working with  EZ4 GBA ROM Patcher utility. Change  Flash_type and 64kb rom size. You can download the EZ4 tool from

I’m pretty sure that the rom patcher utility can help you with some other ROMs too.

You can also update the gpSP compatiblity lists with the games that work with these patch and make a comment about the patch with the patcher utility

You can find the gpSP compatibility lists at gpSP wiki page: