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Archive of entries posted on January 2009

AntSnes release 0.2 : Support for all 3rd edition phones

The new AntSnes release 0.2 is ready. The current release 0.2 supports most S60 3rd edition phones. It’s currently tested with N73(3.0), N95(3.1) and N96(3.2). The new package also adds new settings view, which can be used for configuring the emulator for different devices.

Antsnes 0.2:

Download the sis: antsnes_v02


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Porting the ARM9 optimized asm code to ARM11

This is just a short post about my modifications to the Snes9x assembly sources. You can find the sources at the 0.1 release post. Actually there was only one modification required, which I will share with you. It might help others to port fast assembly code to ARM11 processors.

ARM9 optimized source:

STMFD    R13!,{PC} @ Push return address
MOV    R1,#0
B    myASMFunc
B   arm9ReturnPoint

and the function return in myASMFuc with code

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AntSnes going to Beta: speed optimizations

The new version is optimized for speed, which gives a huge performance boost for N96 (it’s nice for N95 too).

I expect this binary to work with S60 3.1 and 3.2 phones, but I’m planning to add support for 3.0-> phones in the future. Currenlty there is only the landscape mode, but I will make new blitters for portait mode too.

N96 keymap

N96 keymap

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Porting the Snes9x ASM core to S60

As you all saw the emulator is really slow and the sound is not supported because of too much frame skipping. I have been working with ASM core (written by notaz) some time now, and it’s very frustrating. Currently I have the ASM- core running on N96 with ARM9 processor, but it’s crashing with N95 with ARM11 processor.

The speed increase is really nice for N96, but it’s still not enough. The S60 DirectScreenAccess plus one extra memcopy for each frame buffer is draining all the power from the phone. With N95 and OpenGL ES it might be possible to emulate sound, if I manage to get it up and running.. The DSA issue is also very frustrating, since we were able to write directly into the devices frame buffer before 3rd edition and platform security.

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