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Archive of entries posted on February 2009

AntSnes release 0.4

Whats new

  • it’s faster – a bit :)
  • Keys in Landscape mode are fixed
  • Removed the P.I.P.S dependency. P.I.P.S installation isn’t required anymore, so it’s easier to install :)
  • Right softkey exit removed, so the application doesn’t exit by accident anymore
  • support for 352 x 416 resolution
  • Opengl ES support is back. I heard that this is nice feature for TV.

TODO’s for 0.5 release:

  • Audio support. After many test cases I’m confident, that the phone performance is enough for sound emulation. There must be a bug in my port :( I hope to find it for the next release.


P.I.P.S dependency is gone, just download and install

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Collection of S60 UI tricks

I’m currently busy with the next AntSnes release. Here is some S60 UI ticks I used in the previous AntSnes v0.3 release.

Starting a menupane at app startup.

//at AppUI ConstructL

Keeping the backlight on.

//call this often enough. For example once in each second
User::ResetInactivityTime(); //keep the backlight on

Catching events when menubar is opened, or cancelled/closed, so we can stop and start the emulation again.
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AntSnes Release 0.3

The new AntSnes release 0.3 is now ready. The current release contains mainly minor bug fixes and improves usability. The sound support is still missing :(

Whats new:

  • can load more than one rom, when launched :)
  • shows only supported fileformats on LoadROM dialog
  • Menu is opened at startup (no more black screen)
  • more save slots
  • The emulation is paused, when menu is opened


  1. Install P.I.P.S 1.3(or later if available) to the phone (pips_nokia_1_3_SS.sis)
    You will probably find this file faster by googling it, but if you’re out of luck, you can extract it from official nokia plugin, which can be donwloaded from This step is not required for all S60 3rd edition phones, so you can also try to skip this phase.
  2. Install AntSnes.
  3. Enjoy

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