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Archive of entries posted on October 2009

Symbian kernel is now open source: Driver developement is now possible!

The Symbian has released the kernel as open source! The development environment consists of:

  • Open source kernel and other complementary packages
  • RVCT 4.0 compiler: free for developers and companies of less than 20 employees
  • Open source simulation environment based on QEMU
  • Open source base support package for the low cost Beagle Board

The kit has everything required for Symbian kernel development.  I’m planning on testing the new kit and investigating if it would be possible to make my own memory driver to flush the cache for executing code without creating a special memory chunk for the code and using the IMB_Range deal.

Why the  this kind of driver is required, if the there’s already exist an API for self modifying code? Well, it would solve the memory mapping issue, which I explained on the post: Why Symbian is so slow compared to Linux.

The driver would give significant boost for all applications relying on dynamic recompilation, or self modifying code. This would give a big performance boost for emulators such as gpsp and psx4all. I think that the psx4all would probably be playable with the special memory driver.

Developing a driver:

The first phase would be to implement a test software, and the driver with the QEMU. If I’ll get this far, then I could think about purchasing the BeagleBoard, which could be used for verifying the driver functionality with the actual hardware. If the driver works on the HW, then it would probably work on the actual phone too. However, the Symbian platform security will be a big problem preventing the installation of the driver into an actual phone.

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AntSnes 0.7: Support for S60 5th edition

The 5th edition version is finally ready. I had N97 to test it with, and it runs really well with it :) The keypad works really well! Unfortunately I didn’t have a Samsung’s I8910 to test the capacitive touch so I really can’t tell if it works, so feedback is welcome.

The project has now a wikipage at github. So if you’ll find any good configs you can post them into the wiki page too.

know issues:

  • Audio doesn’t quite yet work

AntSnes for the 5th edition


Just download and install.
If you got an error “unable to install”, or “certificate error” you might be having problems with the certificate. See my other blog post about two common fixes for this. Fixing self-signed certificate related problems

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I Updated the AntSnes certificate

The certificate in the last AntSnes 0.63 release got old, so I updated the certificates. The sis files should work again, cheers!

Porting The AntSnes to the S60 5th edition

I have been porting the AntSnes to the 5th edition. The reason I have been a bit lazy is that I can’t get the TRK debugger working with N97. So I have been working only with filelogger. That sucks!

Here’s some video of the current state of the AntSnes to the 5th edition. I’m running only the regular c-core in the video, so the final version could be a bit faster with the asm-optimized emulator core. I just can’t get the previous asm-optimized core from 3rd edition to work with the S60 5th edition for some reason, and I’m too lazy to add all loggings to all sources.. Hopefully the next N97 firmware will help to my debugger problem.

As you can see from the video I can run and jump at the same time, so it really does support 3 buttons at the same time, if the phone is capable of it (nice feature for chrono trigger).

You might notice that I didn’t use menu to load the ROM, and the reason is that I can’t do it yet. The current version has some issues with the menus on the 5th edition that needs to be solved before I can really release the 5th edition version. But as you can see, I’m getting there :)


The menu problems are now solved. There’s only some small tasks before this emu is ready for you guys :)