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Archive of entries posted on November 2010


The purpose of this FAQ is to gather all the questions about my emulator ports. I can see pretty much all of these questions asked on weekly basis, so I made a post for them :)

Q: rom xx isn’t working, can you fix it?
A: My emulators are just ports from other famous emulators, for example gpsp. At very best I could get into the same compatibility list, as the original emulator. On S60 5th edition phones there are also some limitations due to the limited amount of RAM. This might change with Symbian^3 devices since they should have more RAM available. After I have reached to similar compatibility list with the original emulator project, I might try to improve the original emulator too. So far I haven’t got this far with any of my emulator ports ;-)

Q: All  words are written in “WWWW”, and I can not use the emulator
A: this problem is caused by the incompatibility between Qt and custom fonts. You can resolve this issue by removing the custom font.

Q: I’m using C6 firmware on 5800, and it the buttons won’t work. can you help?
A: This is a know issue with C6 firmware. The emulator is listening to the key events from the phone, and the C6 firmware just does not deliver the key events to the emulator. There’s really nothing that I can do about it.

Q: What about the sound?
A: I’m working on it. The sound is much more important than the compatibility list.

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