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Archive of entries posted on December 2010

Removing the checklib from Symbian^3 SBSv1 build chain

According to the Symbian documentation the checklib.exe is a static analysis tool for checking the consistent use of operator new in static libraries linked into dll or exe. This means that you should use the symbian way of operator new with (ELeave), or you should use the standard C++ way of operator new. In Qt apps you are in standard c++ world, and in Avkon apps you’re in Symbian c++ world.

The idea of checklib is pretty good. You might run into some troubles with the inconsistent use of new operator in out of memory situations, and debugging these errors can be time consuming. So getting a warning about them feels like a nice feature from the SDK.

The problem is that the checklib errors will fail your whole build, if an inconsistency is found (it’s not just a warning).Failing the build doesn’t really make any sense, since it’s a static code analysis tool. I think that I would like the checklib, if it would only give me a warning like “the way you’re using operator new is not consistent, see for more info”

But unfortunately the checklib will just fail the whole build. The worst part is that the tool itself doesn’t give you any hints what symbol to look at (where the problem is).

Here are some common error codes from checklib:

checklib error: "foo is incompatible with standard C++"
checklib: error: not a COFF object: bad magic.
checklib: error: file can not be found.

These errors just don’t help me even a bit, and I really don’t care that much about the OOM situations. I’m using a lot of my own memory hacks anyway, so I’m pretty much screwed in OOM anyway.

Here’s how you can remove this stupid tool from the SBSv1 build chain

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What’s currently working on Symbian^3

I’m still waiting for Nokia to release new Qt libs to get the QGLWidget working on Symbian^3. The QGLWidget is required to the the OpenGL ES based blit working with Qt and Symbian. Nokia already released the sis-files with QGLWidget support , but they still haven’t released the libs, so I can not link to the QGLWidget :(

While waiting for better Symbian^3 support for my stuff you can play with AntSnes 0.72 and with Numpty Physics. You can see the slowness of DirectScreenAccess on them both. I think that even my N97 has faster blit with DSA than N8.

I also added a category for Symbian^3 compatible releases.