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Archive of entries posted on December 2012

Fixing games for the BlackBerry AppWorld

I have fixed the games I submitted to the BlackBerry Game-Port-A-Thon. I had many bugs reported by the AppWorld team that occurred only on the BlackBerry DevAlpha device, but not on the simulator. It seems that the DevAlpha is very important tool, if you want to develop for the upcoming BB10 phones.


This one was the trickiest. I don’t own a DevAlpha, and yet I developed for it. The game seemed to work really well on the simulator, but it didn’t  work as well on the real device. Luckily I got some images from the BlackBerry AppWorld testing team to help me with my development.

FreeJeweled running on DevAlpha device. ScreenShot provided by BlackBerry AppWorld team

FreeJeweled running on simulator. In here the menu bar is perfect

As you can see the game worked really well on the simulator, and badly on the real device. At first I thought that  my problem was that the size of the menu bar buttons is based on the jewel size from the  game, and those values came from c++ engine. I thought that maybe there’s some very strange timing issues or something… and that’s causing the qml side ending up with some strange default values. My first attempt was hardcoding the button sizes, but I still got rejected from AppWorld, and they told me that it still looks just as bad.

The FreeJeweled is using custom fonts which are packaged into the application itself. My second guess was that the fonts are not working in the same way on the real device as they are on the simulator. This time I had help from a friend with BlackBerry DevAlpha to run some tests for me, and it turns out that the problem was with the font behavior. I blindly changed font sizes on my code, and sent a package for him to test, and after couple of packages we finally got it right.

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Tweejump for Windows Phone 8

I started my wp8 development by playing around with Cocos2d-x port for wp8. I also used this start by participating to the wiki-competition with my article about Porting Cocos2d-x Games for Windows Phone 8. You can see the port running on the video below. I had really good time with cocos2-x, and I think that I might even make my own game based on this framework. It’s really easy to use, and you can port the games created with it so easily to iOS, and for Android as well.

The source code

The source code for tweejump can be found from: