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Archive of entries posted on April 2013

Playing with Boundary’s Application Monitors

Boundary offered free Rasberry Pis for testing their Application Monitors.

The Boudanry’s service provides monitors for network traffic. It’s really handy service, if you have a big service with  10+ servers at production, and you’re wondering where the bottlenecks are. Then the monitoring service could save you a lot of trouble. You can instantly see that “Machine X” has big latency, so it hast to be the bottleneck for the service, and it should be fixed. I really like statistics, so I might still continue using these with some of my servers, even while I don’t have that much network traffic.

Boundary Application Monitors

Boundary’s Application Monitors

I had an Ubuntu Server installation on VirtualBox, so I thought that cloning the image would be an easy way to get free Rasberry Pi, and it was ;-)  Just right-click on the server installation, and click “Clone”, and then choose “Linked Clone” in the cloning configuration.

cloning in virtual box

cloning in virtual box

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