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Archive of entries posted on October 2013

DynDns Autologin Application for Google AppEngine

DynDns recently changed their service so you’ll have to log in once in every 30 days to keep your account active. As it happens I also have had the DynDns package for years, and the new login requirement really bugs me.

So I developed this simple autologin application for Google’s Appengine to keep my account active. You can download the dyndns autologin app from my GitHub repository at:

Please notice that this probably violates the DynDns ToS, so you might get your account banned. I will not take the responsibility for that.


  • Change the application in app.yaml into your own app-id
  • Change username and password into the Settings class in file
  • the script automatically executes every Monday

Developing a mobile client for Jamendo Radio with jQueryMobile

In this article I’m going to create a jQueryMobile based client for Jamendo Radio.

The JQuery Mobile based UIs can be run on almost every smartphone platform; iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry10, Tizen, Firefox OS etc. The development of JQuery Mobile based UIs is very nice, since you can develop them with HTML and JavaScript in a standard desktop browser.

Here’s a short video of JamendoFM running on FirefoxOS.

Getting the API for Jamendo

At first you must register to to get the API key for creating a client for Jamendo API.

Creating the UI with HTML pages

The first page will be used for listing the radio mixes form


The radio list will be loaded into the radioList-element. The next step is to populate the radioList with jQuery.
The data is loaded with JSONP so the extra parameter &callback=? is added to the end of the requests.
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MeBoy 1.0, a GameBoy / GameBoy Color emulator for Nokia Asha

MeBoy is a gameboy / gameboy color emulator for Nokia S40 full touch and Asha phones. The MeBoy is based on JavaBoy developed by Neil Millstone. I just made a simple UI for it for the Nokia Asha phones. It has been a quite some time from my previous emulator port for mobile phones, and I kind of got bored doing them. However hacking with Nokia Asha got me started with this kind of projects again, and it was fun ;-)

Currently the games with battery saves are not working, but I’m trying to fix it. I’m recommending simple games from the beginning of the GameBoy era such as Super Mario 1, Duck Tales etc.

MeBoy running on S40 full touch:


As said, currently only simple games without battery saves are supported. You can find & edit the compatibility chart at MeBoy wiki-page at:

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