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Archive of entries posted on November 2013

JamendoFM available for Android and FirefoxOS

JamendoFM is now available for Android and Tizen OS.

JamendoFM in Google Play

First I must warn you that JamendoFM is worst kind of Android application. It basically shows all the problems with html5 applications for mobile. It’s slow, and the playback will cut off when the lockscrene activates. I don’t think that there’s a solution for these issues For Android in Phonegap (there are some options for iPhone, but not for Android)

You can download JamendoFM from Google Play at:

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Porting JamendoFM to FirefoxOS

I just got a new FirefoxOS developer preview phone, so my next step was to make a port for FireFoxOS. It was pretty similar to porting to tizen. I only had to make a manifest file.

Creating the application manifest file

The file’s name is manifest.webapp, and creating it was pretty easy. I justcopy&pasted the example manifest file from firefoxOS tutorials, and change all the relevan fields.

Here’s how my manifest looks like:

  "name": "JamendoFM",
  "description": "Jamendo radio client for mobile",
  "launch_path": "/index.html",
  "icons": {
    "60": "/img/icon-60.png",
    "128": "/img/icon-128.png"
  "developer": {
    "name": "Antti",
    "url": ""
  "permissions": {
    "audio-channel-content":{"description":"Use the audio channel for the music player"}
  "default_locale": "en"

Running JamendoFM under Lockscreen

The coolest thing about Firefox OS is that after settings the permission “audio-channel-content” the app runs music even under the lockscreen. This is not (yet) possible on Tizen, or any other HTML5 frameworks.

jQueryMobile performance

The cool thing is that the jQueryMobile works really well on firefoxOS! The animations are pretty smooth(no where near 60fps though), and there are no artifacts caused by using them, so they’re OK.

Porting JamendoFM to Tizen

At First I created a new jQueryMobile based UI with Tizen SDK. then I simply addecd the source-code from my JamendoFM project into the Tizen project, and voilà, I got JamendoFM running on Tizen Emulator.

The method above got the application running only on Tizen emulator. Running it on the device itself requires correct access policies to the manifest file.

Access Policy in Tizen

To get the JamendoFM running on the real device I had to add the urls that JamendoFM uses into the app manifest file. The url can be added like this:

Getting the app approved to the Tizen Store

The Tizen QA noticed the there currently are some bugs related to the page-transition effects (it’s not a surprise), so I had to remove those.

I had places the transition effects into the radioList items, so I had to remove them.

I also had to make a new circular icon that matches the Tizen design style to get the application approved. The submitting process to Tizen store was pretty fast. I usually got responses from the QA team at the same day when I submitted my application.